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Best Green Tea Ice Cream Brand

The best green tea ice cream brand is the Taiyo Green Tea Matcha. This delicious snack has a sweet, light and refreshing taste. It has a lot of health benefits that makes it even more desirable for children and adults. The taste can vary depending on each person. Children enjoy the flavor while some adults may find it too sweet for their liking.

Taiyo was created in Hiroshima by Mr. Shingo Tanaka in 1979. It became popular because it was one of the first Japanese companies to sell high-quality food products internationally back in 1980s. Over the years, they have been able to develop new flavors like yuzu, matcha milk, and plum wine ice cream that are readily available in many grocery stores.

The Taiyo Green Tea Matcha ice cream is a favorite among Japanese children and adults. The flavor of the tea itself is not so strong but it still adds to the overall taste of the ice cream. It makes for a great snack during the summer, when green tea seasonings are available in stores.

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