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How To Say Good Night When You’re Mad?

Why does it seem that when we are angry, we can’t let go of how mad we are? The truth is that when someone really infuriates us, it creates a lingering negative energy in our thoughts long after the anger has subsided.

It’s not easy to say good night when you’re still angry. It’s understandable how this happens if someone has done something hurtful or deliberately mean to make you feel wronged or unimportant.

In these moments anger seems like an affront to everything in your life and your mind stays focused on how unfair the person is for making you feel bad instead of saying “goodnight”.

Say goodnight when are you mad messages

  • I know we had a tough time last night, but I want you to know that I love and respect you too much not to say goodnight.
  • I am just little upset, I am going to sleep, Goodnight, I love you
  • Even I am mad, I do not want you to go to bed angry, goodnight, love you

Do not try to sleep angry

It is imperative that you do not try to sleep angry. If you are adamant about staying angry, then your mind will remain focused on how unfair the person is for making you feel bad. Saying goodnight to the person you are angry is a way of letting go. As you release the thought, you are able to sleep easier.

If this isn’t how you feel, then it would be better to not say goodnight at all but to talk about how wronged you feel and how much they hurt your feelings instead. Afterward, when you’re both calm, you can say how much you appreciate how they include you as a part of their life and how it is unfair how you feel ignored or unimportant.

Does your friend know you are upset?

Does your friend know how upset you are? Do they know how it feels to be overlooked or how that one thing could really change how you feel about them? If they don’t, then it might be time for a confrontation.

If they do not know, just say goodnight and leave it at that, or wait until tomorrow to talk about how you feel.

If they do know, let them know how you feel tonight and how it is affecting how you interact with them. You might be surprised how they react in a positive way.

Schedule a time when both of you feel you can speak openly and honestly.

Say how you feel about how they make you feel and how important it is to have their attention on your feelings. They would love to know how much they mean to you as a friend. If this isn’t what happens, then listen and try again later.

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