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How to Wash Your Jade Yoga Mat

The Jade Yoga Mat is a popular choice for people who are looking for an eco-friendly mat that’s also affordable. Many people are drawn to this type of mat because it’s made from natural materials like rubber and jade, which means you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals or toxins seeping into your skin while you practice. But how do you wash a Jade Yoga Mat? Keep reading to find out!

The best way to clean your yoga mat after each use is by washing it with soap and water. This will remove any bacteria or dirt that may have accumulated on the surface of the mat during your session, as well as help restore its original color if it has faded over time due to exposure to sunlight or other factors.

Keep in mind though that the Jade Yoga Mat is not designed to be submerged underwater or washed using a machine. It should be cleaned by hand and rinsed thoroughly with fresh water before it’s allowed to air dry . Do not wring out your yoga mat as you could damage the inside of the rubber!

After cleaning your jade yoga mat, allow it to air dry before storing it inside the included bag or someplace in your house where you will not trip over it. This will help extend its useful life and keep it from getting damaged. It’s best to store your yoga mat flat, without bending it or folding it up any which way as this could cause the material to rip or tear.

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