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Salt In Tea: Dissolved or Undissolved?

Ladies and gentlemen, take a look at this. That is rain in the sky from my window. I sit here wondering: is it better to dissolve salt into our tea water before we pour it over leaves? Or should we put the blasted grains of sodium on top once everything’s already set up? Heck if I know how much you’re supposed to use- I’m not a scientist! And yet there are bloggers across the internet who want us all to believe that they know for certain whether or not dissolving sodium promotes smoother tasting results than laying down an inch of white dust on top.

Now, let me be clear: sometimes adding salt will make your brew less bitter and more palatable; other times, using too much can lead to a very unpleasant mouthfeel. But I want you to consider the following: if what people are claiming about dissolving salt is true, and it actually makes your water conduct its flavour composition more evenly, then why have so many of us never tasted this effect? Perhaps we’ve been using too much, or maybe we’ve just to little

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