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The Benefits of Drinking Sambong Tea

Samboong tea is a popular drink in South East Asia. It’s made from the dried leaves and fruit of the sambong tree, which is native to Indonesia. Sambong tea has been around for many centuries and it helped people in their everyday lives by providing them with many benefits. Today, we are going to talk about how drinking sambong can help you lose weight, reduce uric acid levels, avoid kidney stones and menstrual cramps.

sambong tea benefits

Sambong Tea for Weight Loss

Sambong tea can help you to loose your weight. This is due to a combination of ingredients, such as the dried leaves and flowers from different plants that are found in sambong tea which provide nutrients needed for metabolism and natural energy release.

You just need to drink this daily before or after breakfast on an empty stomach with hot water (without sugar). You do not want to have too much of it at once because it may lead you into constipation problems so be careful!

Sambong Tea for Kidney Stoes

Sambong tea is enjoyed by people in many countries. It is made from the dried leaves of a type of bamboo, and it can be mixed with black or green tea. The benefits are numerous, but some studies have indicated that people who drink sambong regularly may have less kidney stone problems because they get more citric acid than usual.

Citric acid has been shown to help dissolve calcium stones as well as neutralize uric acid which leads to fewer occurrences of kidney stones for those individuals who consume this beverage on a regular basis.

Sambong tea for uric acid

Drinking this tea in the morning may help with gout caused by high uric acid. Sambong leaves can help in the treatment of gout, as they have a positive effect on uric acid levels.

Drinking sambogh tea made with one teaspoonful of blumea may flush out excess uric acid from your kidneys and other organs.  This is helpful for those suffering from hyperuricaemia – high blood levels of uricol.

Benefits of sambong tea for menstruation cramps

The benefits of drinking sambong tea is that it can help with menstrual cramps. The leaves are boiled to create a sambong tea and then consumed by the patient. Sambong tea helps relieve menstrual cramps because they contain phytochemicals which reduce inflammation in the uterus.

Benefits of drinking sambong tea for menstruation is that they can help regulate periods due to its content of phytonutrients including flavonoids like rutin and quercetin as well as vitamin C which improve iron absorption and also reduces pain from heavy blood flow during menstruation.

How to make Sambong tea

First, you will need to boil water.  Once the pot of water is boiling, put in about two cups or so of sambong leaves and a little bit (about one teaspoon) of honey or coconut sugar for taste.  Allow the mixture to steep until it boils again before serving as desired with milk and/or sweetener on top if desired.

Three teaspoons per cup are generally used when making tea from this herb although different recipes may call for more or less depending on strength preference.

Sambong tea side effect

Side effects of drinking sambong tea may be as are not well studied. It is important to note that sambong tea can cause allergic reaction for people sensitive to ragweed plants and its relatives, which may include itching and skin irritation.

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