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The ups and downs of the 531 bbb

What is 531 bbb?

531 bbb is a system of training that has been shown to increase muscle strength and size. It was developed by Dr. Arthur Jones in the 1970s. He believed that it could be used to create any body shape, but this belief has not been borne out by research so far. The system consists of three phases: preparation (lifting light weights), heavy lifting, and maintenance (light lifting).

The program prescribes working each muscle group twice per week on non-consecutive days with at least one day break between sessions and advises against training two or more major muscle groups in the same workout on back-to-back days because doing so can lead to overtraining injuries. There is no direct scientific evidence that 531 bbb increases muscle strength and size any more than other programs but its popularity has been increasing in recent years. There is also a 5/3/1 version of the program formula which focuses on power lifting.

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