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What is the difference between American and British Lipton tea?

Lipton Tea is one of America’s (and the world’s) most popular brands, but there is a big difference between American and British Lipton tea. The brand has been around for more than 100 years, originally with South Africa roots and manufactured in London; now headquartered in Illinois after being acquired by Unilever. The company boasts that its tea leaves are always plucked at their freshest – so long as we’re talking about American Lipton! And yet to some degree all real teas tastes somewhat the same – they have different flavors depending on who makes them and where they come from.

American Lipton has less caffeine than British Lipton because it contains less tea leaf extract mixed with sugar and water – 8 mg per serving compared to 24 mg with British Lipton.

American Lipton tea is both bottled and packaged in the US, Britain imports its tea bags from there for packaging in the UK under their own brand name.

British Lipton tea is more expensive than American Lipton because it has been cultivated by 21 growers (the biggest one being Kenya).

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