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What you need to know before drinking tea with jam in it?

Whether you’re a fan of egg-and-jam sandwiches or fruit and maple syrup on toast, adding jam to a hot cup of tea is one more way to enjoy this sweet spread. But which jams are the best for mixing into your morning cuppa?

There is no wrong way to mix jam into your tea — it all comes down to personal preference and what you like best. But, in addition to choosing a flavor that you enjoy, consider these factors when selecting your jam.

“Jam contains pectin, which is what makes it thicken,” said Lynne Rossetto Kasper , host of NPR’s national food show The Splendid Table . “So when you’re using it in a cup of tea, you do want to make sure that there’s enough pectin.”

Using jam with a high-pectin content ensures that your tea will thicken up, while low-pectin jams provide the classic “tea and jam” flavor without much of a thickened consistency.

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