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Which Should You Do to Build a Stronger Chest Muscles, Front Raise or Overhead Press

If you want to build a stronger chest muscles, then it is important that you know which exercise will be most effective for your needs. Front raise vs overhead press are two exercises that can help strengthen your upper body and should each be considered when training.

The front raise may seem like an easy choice because it only requires one hand and the weight of the dumbbell is in front of you, but this exercise also has its drawbacks. The weight on this lift travels vertically, so if there is any kind of imbalance between arms or shoulders, chances are very high that one side will suffer more than the other with an imbalanced load going up and down. Also during this exercise care must be taken not to lean forward as doing so could lead to injury.

The overhead press is an exercise that can take focus and balance, but it doesn’t stress out one side of the body as much as the front raise does – which could be a plus depending on your goals. The weight travels vertically with this lift also, which is both its strength and weakness. As mentioned above with the front raise, it’s important that you are careful with your form when performing this exercise.

The bottom line is that both the front raise and overhead press are excellent exercises in their own right, so it really comes down to which will be more effective for YOU. If you’re a beginner, try each lift on its own and see which one gets better results.

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