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Working out with a cut finger on the gym: What should you do?

You’re looking to get your body in shape, and maybe even lose some weight. You’ve been working hard at it for months now and so far you’ve had good results. But then this morning while shaving you nicked yourself. Now there’s a cut on your index finger that is starting to throb and bleed again after having stopped for awhile. All of sudden things are not going as planned, but what should you do? Should you go ahead with your workout or will it only make things worse? There are three options available: Continue Working Out, Work Out With Protective Gear, Skip The Workout Altogether.

working out gym with a cut finger

Continue Working out with a cut finger.

You can continue to work out with a cut finger on the gym. The risk of getting an infection is very low, and if you’re careful to disinfect the skin after each work out it’s not going to be a problem. Of course there are other things to consider as well: The healing process will take longer, so you’ll probably have some scarring even if the cut heals perfectly, and you’ll have to be more careful during each work out.

Working out with a protective gear for your finger.

When working out with a cut finger on the gym, you can at least wear some protective gear to make sure it doesn’t get any worse. The most obvious option is gloves. While wearing gloves will not prevent you from getting injured in the first place, they do provide protection to your hand and fingers from further damage— more specifically the weight lifting equipment.

Skipping workout for some time

If you’re not sure about going ahead with your fitness routine considering the cut finger, just skip the workout altogether. You don’t want to end up making it worse by exposing yourself to potential infection or further injury, so just take a break for a few days until your cut has healed enough to go back to working out— or better yet, consider another type of activity that doesn’t require physical strength and coordination.

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